Training for Department of Corrections, Police- and Military units.

We provide a huge variety of military training at all levels in both defense and attack. 

We are able to train soldiers of all ranks from the inexperienced private to the Commanding Officer — including members of Battalion staff.

SIRAS training is designed to meet the requirements of the individual client and to initiate at the officers’/soldiers’ current level.

Our most popular courses include Basic Military Training, train the trainers, Special Tactics and Officers’ Training.

We are always able to adjust the training to the needs of the client.

SIRAS Instructors are highly experienced and are required to demonstrate a high degree of cultural understanding. Our NCO and Officers Training programmes are very successful in empowering our students to train and lead their own organisation. The programs may include a period of SIRAS direct supervision and support.

Please contact our staff, to allow us set up a meeting between our chief instructor and you with the purpose to evaluate the scale of your project, time frame, etc.

For further information or to book a meeting please contact us at

Reserved for Department of Corrections, Police- and Military units.