Siras Academy

Training facility

Training One – indoor training area

Training One 1200m2 indoor training area built to simulate an operational urban theater. The area contains multiple buildings accommodated with various rooms, basement and staircases. The houses are fully furnished and enables us to create various scenarios that all close protection officers need to train. In addition, 3 portable buildings can be positioned in relation to the specific scenario and vehicles, barrels, caravans, and wagons can be placed around the buildings to create the most realistic environment for the students. Formations, SWAT tactics, various scenarios, CQB techniques etc. are trained within this training area.

Close Combat Area

300 m2 fully equipped close combat area. The area is used for Cross-training, Military Boot-camp, different types of Martial arts, Self-defence and Boxing classes. The area contains a boxing ring, sandbags, ribs, speed bag and all other equipment for close combat training.


Training facilities play an important role in ensuring that the students are fully operational in the learning environment. The academy is built to simulate realistic training scenarios and as one of few training providers in the world, we are able to provide everything for the student. Below you will find descriptions of some of the facilities at SIRAS Academy, but keep in mind that we are constantly developing and expanding the training centre.

Training Two -1000m2 training hall

Training area Two is a 1000m2 training hall, that is used for exercises in specialized advanced scenarios, storage of vehicles, mobile operations centre and other equipment storage.

Driving Area 20.000m2 driving area surrounding the academy.

In this area we have the option to integrate different obstacles to train a large number of driving techniques and skills, such as evasion manoeuvers, motorcades, 180 turns and ramming.

The 20.000m2 space offered by the hard/soft surfaces makes it perfect to reproduce realistic simulation of convoy driving and highway manoeuvers.

Shooting simulator

Law Enforcement Shooting Simulator with a virtual target system

The following are trained here:

  • Pull from holster
  • Cooperation
  • Rules of Engagement
  • When to shoot
  • How much to shoot to eliminate a threat

Our Law Enforcement Shooting Simulator with a virtual target system provides excellent training for that crucial moment, when you need to decide when and how to shoot in order to eliminate a threat. The student will be able to refine the quality of their trigger pull, improve their accuracy and holster-drawing techniques. The system can run several different scenarios to simulate the situations an agent or officer will face in the field.

Fitness area

In connection with the close combat area, there is a fitness area, equipped with many different machines for strength and circuit training. Here you can train all you want during your stay at the academy. Amon other things we have cross trainer, bicycles, treadmill, pull up stand, bench press, various machines for leg, stomach and shoulder training. cross trainer, bicycles, treadmill, pull up stand, bench press, various machines for leg, stomach and shoulder training 

CQB Area 400m2 CQB areas to train tactics and techniques concerning the ongoing movement in and out of buildings.

This area is dedicated to tactics and techniques involving the assaulting of hostile held buildings and rooms. The area has been divided into simulated houses, conference rooms, hotels etc. The rooms are fully furnished and it is possible to create any eventual scenarios. Parts of the areas are monitored by IR cameras capable of recording trainings in the dark. This offers the students the possibility to see their movement during evaluation.


It is important to us that the students do not spend unnecessary time on transport. We have all the facilities and the students can be accommodated at the academy. The accommodation area consists, among other things of:

  • The kitchen, toilets and bathroom facilities
  • Living room with TV and DVD player
  • Sleeping facilities.
  • 120 m2 classroom with projector, whiteboard etc.

In the classroom we have a display of equipment from SIRAS tactical gear with very good prices for the students.

Free wireless internet everywhere in the academy

Parking Area

We have secured parking space for 25 vehicles and the parking is free of charge.

Office Building

Administration area with offices, instructor and maintenance facilities and an operations room. This area is restricted to the academy’s staff.

Hangar One

Hangar One is a 900 m2 insulated hall used for equipment storage and training facilities for SIRAS Group. This area is restricted to the active operators of SIRAS Group.


Container – Fire & Breaching

Large 40 feet container for training of e.g.:

  • Breaching
  • Response to fire
  • Search and rescue
  • Response to a leak of chemicals in a storage

Assembling area – Paradeplads

Assembling area with a 10m flagpole. The Assembly Area, with the Danish flag as its focal point is an outdoor parade ground created as a venue for special events. The student will be required to meet there multiple time during the courses.

Survival Area

Large forrest with several lakes. The area is used for our specialized survival courses (e.g. 48 Hour Family Survival in Vehicle) and for the tactical first aid section of the Field Medic Course. SIRAS also posses several more remote locations which are used for e.g. the Advanced Survival Course.