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Please contact us if you want to take our courses though your national union fund.
You can also apply for grants for our courses through your national security companies or government organisations.


Siras Academy

Welcome to SIRAS ACADEMY and to your future in the international security industry. We provide professional training based on real life experience, and our mission is to help you become an outstanding operator.


Being a Bodyguard means that you are hired to protect other individuals.

Working as a bodyguard you should be prepared to handle all sorts of situations in an instant. It requires special training. If you want to know more about the essentials of being a bodyguard click the button to read more.


SIRAS ACADEMY runs the largest private training facility in Europe. Our highly skilled instructors and our outstanding training centre enables us to provide you with the most realistic training available. Read more about our facilities Here


Peter Dronninglund

Former sergeant in the Army and a trained carpenter.

I have participated in the 14 days bodyguard course and the high risk course.

The courses really exceeded my expectations. I had a few “aha” moments concerning my own personality; but that really only made the course even better.

Overall I think the courses were really good and I was actually quite impressed with the amount of time, energy, realism, and professionalism the instructors were able to put into the exercises.

The creed: Train as you fight – fits really well with the quality of the courses held at SIRAS ACADEMY.

Peder Raatz-Pedersen

IT-project manager with an interest in the security industry and Krav Maga.

I have participated in the close protection intro-course.

I was impressed that it was possible to put so much into an introduction course. I attended the course to see if the place lived up to my expectations and I must say that my expectations was not only met but also easily surpassed.

Everything was serious, competent, and professional.The realism in the exercises goes well with the training mentality and dedication that I enjoy. It also ensures that your learning curve will remain at a high at all times.

There is absolutely no doubt that you want more and the 14 days bodyguard course is high on my list.

Tobias Ekberg

Door supervisor with an interest in MMA training.

I participated in the 14 days close protection course.

I am very impressed with the high level of professionalism that was displayed throughout the course. There is a lot to learn in a short time. The dynamic way in which the course is presented keeps it very interesting and instructive all the time!
The course consists of an excellent mix of theory and practical exercises, and that really ensures that you get the whole picture of the bodyguard industry.

To me it was a very good course and I learned a lot more than I ever expected. I am 99% sure that I will attend other courses at the Academy.