It is always better to prevent than to cure, but we must be able to cure if needed. The medic courses at SIRAS ACADEMY are some of the world’s most advanced. The courses are based on many years of experience in tactical medicine from international hospitals, ambulance drivers, and Special Forces tactical patrol medics from war zones. In collaboration with the military, SIRAS Instructors have developed techniques currently in use by units in Afghanistan. These techniques have proven themselves several times.

Everything we teach have been tested in a real scenario.

The courses meet the PHTLS principles and TCCC guidelines and are regularly updated.

Normally, we keep the courses divided by modules (first course = module 1), however, during our first aid courses, we have chosen to name them with TIER numbering. It is to give course participants a better idea of ​​what level they are at in relation to foreign employers' criteria, where TIER numbering is often used.

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The course is based in the acute treatment that takes place immediately after the injury occurred and the threat level remains high. SIRAS FIRST RESPONDER course is intended and preferred that all operators have completed. We also have good experience training security guards, journalists and other persons who find themselves in dangerous situations. The course forms the basis of skills and knowledge necessary to continue to TIER 2 CLS course. Purpose is to learn the student the necessary skills to be able to recognize symptoms and perform treatment of blunt and penetrating trauma in a wound using the ABC system (Airway, Breathing, Circulation)

Price: 460,- EUR

Module 2: Combat Lifesaver (Tier 2)

Course description Combat Lifesaver provides life-saving first aid in tactical scenario. The CLS course embarks on a major review of the anatomy of the body to give a better understanding of the injuries from a battlefield / tactical environment. Furthermore, students will be trained and learn how to set up their own training scenarios to maintain their skills or assist in TIER 3 courses. The course is intended for those who want to be a part of a team specializing in first aid. The course creates conditions for the student to continue in COMBAT MEDIC course. Purpose Is to make the student capable as operator, to respond properly to a wound in a tactical situation and ensure the safety for him and wounded colleagues in a dangerous situation (combat)

Price: 660,- EUR

Module 3: Combat Medic (Tier 1)

Combat medic is the ultimate within first aid courses. The course is primarily for people who want to carry out a medic function, such as a medic in a PSD team or responsible for first aid during major assignments or events. There will be training in the scenarios and injuries seen in high-risk areas and conflict zones. The exercises are very realistic and as far as possible trained in a tactical scenario. This course is a must for people who are responsible for first aid in high-risk areas. You will learn the extended techniques, as recommended in Tactical First Aid (TCCC) for Medic’s according to international guidelines. Purpose Is to make the student able to respond properly with one or more wounded persons in the tactical situation and act as primary medic guy in large teams. The student will also learn how to plan and prepare the first aid phase in an security related assignment.

Pris: kr 17.900,-

Module 4 - Medic specialist / instructor

Medic Specialist course is intended for people who want to act as Medic advisor or instructor.

The course is divided into an instructor part and a teaching part. In the teaching part the student will both act as teacher and supervisor.

The student will be trained as QRF medic (quick responce force). He will be able to have the overall responsibility for the planning and implementation of all medic related subjects during a large operations. The student will also be able to work as an instructor during other SIRAS ACADEMY first aid courses.

The course complies with the PHTLS principles and TCCC guidelines and are updated regularly.

Price: 335,- EUR