Reserved for Department of corrections, Police- and Military units.

We provide a huge varity of military training at all levels both in defense and attack. Topics could be basic military training, special tactics, tactics for squad-Platoon and company in defence and attack.

We can train soldiers from lowest level of privates up to the highest commanding officer, Company commander – and also staff members of Battalion staff.

Only limiting factor is the budget regarding time and funds.

Our training is designed to the individual clients needs and the officer / soldier’s current level.

Our most used training is Basic military training, Special tactics and Officers Education / Training at all levels.

As always we are able to adjust to clients needs

Also the different courses could be interesting in different ways on different level.

Our experience is wide, in cultural understanding – and we have with success educated/trained individuals and military organisation. We have huge success by training Officers and NCO´s and later on they educate/train there own organisation under our supervision and support.

We will of cause provide you with detailed information about all the different training programs.

In order to give you the most relevant information we have to ask for further information and details from you. Please contact our staff and we will set up a meeting between our chief instructors and you with the purpose to evaluate the scale of your project, timeframe etc.

As always we are able to adjust to clients needs.

For further information or to book a meeting please contact us at