Security Manager  – Denmark

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Security Manager  – Denmark

Job description
An international company located in Copenhagen are looking for a Security manager to plan and coordinate security activities to safeguard the company, employees, guests and the private residence of the CEO and family. There is already a good setup but since the company has expanded there is a need for new procedures and training of new staff. The training will be held at Siras Academy. Working hours are from 07.00 am until 16.00 pm on Monday to Friday but it is expected you work more if needed.

Details TBA.

Position schedule

Full time job

Copenhagen, Denmark

Position Responsibilities
plan and coordinate security activities, Monitor security policies and conduct physical examinations, Supervise security staff, Plan for special events, determine security needs and implement new security standards, policies, and procedures.

Required qualifications
In addition to relevant experience we expect the following:
– No criminal record
– Driver training and first aid skills
– Team player and good communication skills
– Fluent Danish & English
– Above 25 years of age

Desirable: experience as driver and knowledge of vehicle mechanics

Job No.

How to apply:
Please send your CV to Important:
– Email subject line: job No. 74727-161
– Include a picture in the CV (not an attached file)
–  You MUST write a few lines describing why you are the one for the job.
–  Please do not attach any diplomas or other files before you are asked for it.

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