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Instructor – Denmark

Job description
We have been very busy at the Academy in 2019 and due to extra courses in 2020 we looking for new Instructors. We offer you the opportunity to work in an very interesting environment with many different tasks, that require you to work independently to support business continuity.

High quality teaching is a trademark of SIRAS Academy and we expect you to continuously develop your own skills. Candidates must have experience from the security industry and experience in teaching.

We expect you to be in very good physical shape and be able to work at the Academy for up to 1 or 2 weeks without time off. Our team of instructors are very dedicated professionals and it shows. As instructor you will also have to undertake operational assignments when possible.

You will be teaching at the Academy in Denmark and we do not expect you to teach or work outside Denmark unless you want to.


Position schedule

Part time with the option of full time.


Position Responsibilities
Teaching at the Academy & operative assignments.

Required qualifications
In addition to relevant experience we expect the following:
– Above 25 years of age and No criminal record
– Teaching experience & able to communicate in English
– Danish citizen & Military experience
– Close protection training & experience

Desirable: experience from multiple countries, Expert in medic training, shooting or close combat.

Job No.


How to apply:
Please send your CV to Important:
– Email subject line: job No. 74727-162
– Include a picture in the CV (not an attached file)
– CV should be in danish or english
–  Please do not attach your diplomas or other files we will ask for it.