Close protection Afghanistan

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Close protection

Job description
You will be a part of a PSD team providing security around a group of business men. The team consist of a mix of nationalities.

High salary. +1000 euro per day.
Details TBA.

Position schedule

3-4 weeks rotation.


Position Responsibilities
The primary task is close protection but also include RST and planning tasks.

Required qualifications
In addition to relevant experience we expect the following:
– Close protection level 3
– Able to communicate in English
– Above 25 years of age

Desirable: experience from hostile environments

There will be other requirements and the applicants will be informed later.

Job No.

How to apply:
Please send your CV to Important:
– Email subject line: job No. 74727-163
– Include a picture in the CV (not an attached file)
–  You MUST write a few lines describing why we should choose you.
–  Please do not attach your diplomas or other files we will ask for it.

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