2015 is in the books

Happy New Year
Over the year SIRAS Academy once again cemented our position as a market leading provider of unique security training, and SIRAS Group consistently delivered top of the shelve security solutions on the international stage.

A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of our agents working with us on national as well as international operations. Thanks to you we have received tremendous positive feedback from clients and all other personnel that we have cooperated with throughout the year. It makes me proud when I receive personal emails from clients who just want to express their gratitude for our service with words like “Very professional” or “The best”.

It also makes me proud when I see the professional demeanor of our agents in the media showing awareness and providing security.

At the academy we have made some great improvements that I am really thrilled with. Our new physical training area, and the huge tactical gear display are some of the things that make me happy every day that I spend at the academy.

There’s no slowing down in 2016. We will continue to make improvements at SIRAS Academy to ensure that we provide our students with the best possible learning environment. Also new projects are under way for SIRAS Group internationally, and I look forward to announce some of the add ons to you guys.

Enjoy 2016 – and make sure to make it count.

Best wishes,

Kent Haakonsson