Ninja Warrior

Medic instructor in Ninja Warrior
Our tactical medic instructor Simon in Ninja Warrior Denmark – what a fantastic effort. He is currently working on a medic project in Australia and we look forward to have him back at the Academy again sometime next year.

Australia medic



J-turn performed by a guy in wheelchair
This is done by a guy in a wheelchair with very little strength in his legs. He attended the VIP driver course last weekend at the Academy.

,,He has never been driving a vehicle with manual gear. Today I taught him to do that and not only drive – but perform a PIT manuever. In this video he is doing a reverse 180 or J-turn. I have trained many hundreds of guys the last 15 years and never seen anything like this – This is ABSOLUTELY amazing and I am very very happy on his behalf” Kent Haakonsson, Chief instructor.

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