Completed training

14 days ago a group of new students arrived at the Academy to participate in the Close protection level 1+2 course. Some students came from Denmark or Scandinavia and some from other part of the world. They all came highly motivated and with very different background but had one thing in common – they were eager to learn.

It has been 14 days of intensive and hard training at the Academy in Denmark. The students have learned a lot in many different subjects related to the job as a close protection officer. Whether it is VIP driving, close combat, bomb search or planning a VIP visit, a close protection officer needs to possess a lot of knowledge and skills.

Congratulations to all students who completed the course – well done. You have so much deserved it.

Whats now? One of the students already had his first job interview for a position in Spain, other students meet up at the Academy again next month for further training. Beside the high quality close protection training we also offer the students the opportunity to further developing their skills. We have a lot of specialized courses within the security industry. This is very important if you want to have a career in the security industry.