High Risk Training

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

June 5 you can join the High Risk course at the Academy for 10 very intensive days of training.

The course is also called Protection Team (Level 4) and is an extension to the close protection level 3. The course is intended for persons who want to work in high-risk areas. Time and time again it has been proved that the use of correct tactics are crucial in a combat situation and that they help keep the client and the team alive. Therefore, this tactical bodyguard course will focus on the techniques used by our operatives in High Risk areas. There will be theory, but more than 75% of the time will be spent on practical exercises.

To give you the necessary tactical skills to be part of a team working with close protection in high-risk areas. This could be countries such as Afghanistan, Africa or Iraq.

We provide food and accommodation at the Academy.

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