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SIRAS Academy


We are very busy

Unfortunately it is not possible to reach us at the phone. We kindly ask you to contact us on our Facebook page SIRAS ACADEMY.

You are also welcome to send us an email but the response time is long.

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SIRAS Academy


Happy new year!

A short video with pictures from some of our activities in 2017

Congratulations to the new candidates

We just finished 17 days of training; Close Protection 1-2 (14 days) and VIP driving (3 days). We would like to say congratulation to all students who worked of blood and sweat to attain this accomplishment. It is always a pleasure to teach people who deeply wants to learn and that are determined to do […]

Job opportunity

We hire new instructors!

Due to new government contracts we are very busy at the Academy and are therefore looking for new Instructors. We offer you the opportunity to work in an very interesting environment with many different tasks, that require you to work independently to support business continuity.

High quality teaching is a trademark of SIRAS Academy and we expect you to continuously develop your own skills. Candidates must have experience from the security industry and experience in teaching.

We expect you to be in very good physical shape and be able to work at the Academy for up to 1 or 2 weeks without time off. Our team of instructors are very dedicated professionals and it shows. As instructor you will also have to undertake operational assignments when possible.

You will be teaching at the Academy in Denmark and we do not expect you to teach or work outside Denmark but unless you want to.

Required qualifications and further information available under JOBS

Counter narcotic training

We now provide counter narcotic training for police and military units.
The training can be held at SRIAS Academy in Denmark or we can send our instructors to your location. Our instructors come with a background from DEA and the military and have been deployed in several training and monitor missions across the world.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Last week the CEO of SIRAS Kent Haakonsson did a phone interview with a danish magazine about the protection of the US President and the cooperation between government- & private security details. At the Academy we have trained several government units and have a close and very good cooperation with the authorities in the countries where we operate. We see it as a vital part of our job to keep this good relationship.

At the Academy we had a visit from the press who did several interviews with people from our staff. A drone was in the air and took some good videos of the facilities at the Academy.

We look forward to see the final result.

Annual summer event

Last saturday former students and instructors were gathered    at the Academy for the annual summer event. We started early at the Academy with different team exercises related to close protection among other we had competitions in driving and shooting. It was a great day and it is nice to see old faces again and for new students this was a change to expand their network. The coming weeks several of the students are together on a CP operation. Well done guys and congratulations to the winning team.


Right now at the academy

At SIRAS Academy our vision is to educate people in security on all levels. From government branches to the individual person. Our close combat courses is for all ages, levels and personalities who wish to acquire technique and training to defend themselves.

Here’s a short teaser from the close protection level 1+2 course which is going on as we speak.

Are you interested in Close protection training? Next course is running the 26th of September.



Kosovo Security Force training

The SIRAS representative in Kosovo, mr. Drizan Shala, had the privilige to visit with the Rapid Reaction Brigade (RRB) of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF). Brigadier-General Xhevahir Geci, Commander of the RRB, was very friendly in welcoming mr. Drizan Shala in talks regarding the future transformation of KSF into Kosovo Armed Forces.

The Brigadier-General and his team demonstrated a visionary and very committed engagement into the transformations to come. SIRAS ACADEMY, supported by our office in Kosovo, will be able to provide the training courses to help enable the tranformation, and the content of these courses were discussed during the meeting.

The SIRAS ACADEMY courses will train both officers and non-commissioned personel of the RRB and the rest of KSF. We are right at the brink of a very real cooperation between the KSF and SIRAS ACADEMY, and we proud to be able to contribute to the empowering of the brave forces of Kosovo.