Indlæg af Kasper

Article from danish newspaper

How is it working as a bodyguard? What is stalking? these are just some of the subjects the President of SIRAS is talking about in this article. The article was on the front page yesterday. You can read it here. Link to article (if the link is not working please click on read more to activate […]

Completed training

14 days ago a group of new students arrived at the Academy to participate in the Close protection level 1+2 course. Some students came from Denmark or Scandinavia and some from other part of the world. They all came highly motivated and with very different background but had one thing in common – they were […]

Interview – Tribuna Channel

Interview with TV – Tribuna Channel to present the opening of SIRAS branch in the Republic. To see the full interview please visit our Gallery or press read more and follow the link (link is not active on this site you have to press read more first): See interview

Kosovo Security Force training

The SIRAS representative in Kosovo, mr. Drizan Shala, had the privilige to visit with the Rapid Reaction Brigade (RRB) of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF). Brigadier-General Xhevahir Geci, Commander of the RRB, was very friendly in welcoming mr. Drizan Shala in talks regarding the future transformation of KSF into Kosovo Armed Forces. The Brigadier-General and […]

2015 is in the books

Happy New Year Over the year SIRAS Academy once again cemented our position as a market leading provider of unique security training, and SIRAS Group consistently delivered top of the shelve security solutions on the international stage. A huge THANK YOU goes out to all of our agents working with us on national as well […]

Ninja Warrior

Medic instructor in Ninja Warrior Our tactical medic instructor Simon in Ninja Warrior Denmark – what a fantastic effort. He is currently working on a medic project in Australia and we look forward to have him back at the Academy again sometime next year.     J-turn performed by a guy in wheelchair This is […]

Prince Joachim leaving his vehicle

What are my options after a SIRAS Close protection course? (Is a questions we are frequently asked) The security industry is huge and therefore there are also many different directions you can go. Some students prefer to work with close protection or VIP driving in Europe and other students prefer to go into high risk […]